How My Daughter’s Love Inspire My weight Loss

chubbyHad I known earlier the risks posed by being obese, I would have done something about it. There are times that someone would poke on me or make fun about my weight but that never made me feel bad about me. I already had clue about my body and loved every inch of it.

Being a stay at home mum with one daughter to take care of and little to do at home except some online marketing job that I did a few hour a day, I was bound to an unhealthy lifestyle which would later result to a more serious disease- type 2 diabetes .

Initially, I had tried some workouts which had been recommended to me before my diagnosis of diabetes in order to help me lose some of my 360lbs, but most of the time I couldn’t even finish a quarter of what was recommended. I also couldn’t resist the urge to eat. As much as I tried, I still had this craving to eat. The most unfortunate thing is that my daughter had too gained more weight and I felt that she too risked contracting diabetes

My fight with diabetes.

Everything about diabetes became a nightmare to me. After diagnosis of this disease which I learnt was also a leading cause of debilitating illnesses and also death, I got worried.

The medications, insulin injections, dietary changes and all that stuff which diabetic people undergo made me sick. I started experiencing sleepless nights and ate very little. I tried some small indoor exercising, but each day I felt as if I was adding more weight.

Every visit to the doctor was torturous because I felt as if I was denying myself from making any progress and the doctor became worried to about this. He was lovely and nice to me but feared that I might get depressed by the whole predicament.

My daughter’s love.

During all this period, I ensured that my daughter was on good diet and some workout and she was doing great. During one of my visit to the doctor she accompanied me and this changed everything. When the doctor saw her and the smile on her face, he went ahead to tell me that I should do everything for the laugh of my daughter.

He made me realize that everything starts in the mind and that I should be surrounded by all the people who are dear to me. With their love, I was bound to win.

Losing weight.

Upon this realization, my mind became conscious and that’s when I started becoming happier. Within two weeks, I was feeling great and I started accepting to do everything possible to live a healthier life. The friends whom I had pushed away because I felt that they didn’t care became part of me again and my daughter became everything to me.

6 months down, I’d lost over 100lbs and still doing great today.