Losing Weight Because of My Family’s Love

obese momMy names are Anna Kravitz, married to a lovely husband, Jim Kravitz, and with one kid, Michael who is 9. This is my story about how I battled obesity. Foremost if there is something which really means everything to me is my family. I will sacrifice everything to ensure their happiness.

My weight gain started around 9 years ago when I was pregnant with Michael. Before then I was a slim and lovely-looking lady. However during the expectancy period, I gained so much weight which I thought I would lose eventually after my giving birth, though that never came to pass.

Post-birth battle with overweight.

After giving birth to Michael, the breast-feeding period kind of precipitated my weight gain. Initially, I had figured out that my craving to eat when I was pregnant would go away but during the breast-feeding period, I kind of heightened. I became more obsessed with eating every time reasoning that my little boy needed a lot of nutrients for growth and development.

Therefore I became chubbier and before long I was a plus-size woman weighing over 300lbs and by the end of a year and half, I was over 400lbs.

My husband’s threats.

My husband seemed worried by my size that he then threatened me. He was particular that I was not the woman that he met and fell in love with and this really hit me bad. I knew that a divorce was imminent unless I did something about my weight.

I couldn’t afford to have my marriage broken therefore I started researching about what I needed to do. Weight loss being a big concern to many people I found a lot of information which was overwhelming and I didn’t know what to settle on.

My futile efforts on shed off a few pounds.

There was a burning desire of losing a few pounds and therefore I went for one program after the next; I tried one miracle product after the other. But the whole process was intimidating and challenging. Nothing seemed to work. I tried dieting and eating low curb foods, I tried skipping meals, sticking to nutritional plans and dietary compositions, taking vitamin supplements exercising but after two years, all I had managed to lose was about 4olbs.

I was getting worried and even thought about trying out weight loss surgery and other ‘fast weight products’ and ‘miracle cures’ which were repeatedly advertised on TV.

My turning point.

I thought that I wouldn’t succeed in losing a few pounds. My husband had seen my struggles and supported me all through but seemed to also share my thought and just accepted me as I was.

Then one day everything changed. My husband used to drop Michael to school and I rarely did, but during that day I had to because he was away for a business trip. I took a cab and when we arrived at the school compound, Michael was quick to tell me not to get out of the cab because others kids would make fun of him because of my weight. This completely shattered me. I felt hopeless realizing that even my lovely son felt embarrassed by me. I started to cry.

The taxi man seemed to share my sorrows because he drove me back home and never even said a word as we went back.

That is when I decided that I should see someone professional about it. I researched hard and luckily, I realized that all what had been doing was unpractical. I consulted a professional who advised and helped me come up with a realistic plan which I was to stick to. He made me realize that my efforts would be seen in a day but I should expect results after doing what is recommended.

A year later, I’m so glad that I’ve been able to lose over 200lbs and still working at losing more.