I Still Blame it on Obesity

obeseeWhenever I have memories of my mum and remember the sufferings and torment that I went through in the hands of my step-mother, I usually weep. There were days that my older sister and I went without eating and other days that we got a thorough beating for mistakes, some that we never did.

Mom died from cardiac arrest when I was 10 and my sister was 12. She was obese and for a while she suffered a lot as she sought treatment form several hospitals. During the one and half years that she went from one hospital to another, most of what was saved became used up. There wasn’t much left by the time that she died.

Unfortunately she was the main bread winner because she had a bakery shop which used to bring more than what dad brought from his salary working in the mines. Therefore it was a big blow to us. After her death, dad remarried and the woman she married was a she Lucifer.

Since dad was working away from home, he was not available until weekends and we had to spend almost the whole week in the hands of this woman. Therefore she had all the time and chance to do every nasty thing that she thought of. When dad came from work during the weekend, she would pretend how nice she was by treating us better. Therefore, all dad could reason about was that we needed to work on getting along with her.

This went for a while until one day the worst happened. That fateful night, my older sister accidentally dropped the microwave while getting some sauce that she was defrosting. The glass container that she had used had gotten hotter for her hands and when she tried getting it she got burnt and quickly tried returning it only to knock the microwave down.

That dad, step-mum gave her a beating till she became unconscious. When the beating started, I was so scared that I ran away and went to our immediate neighbor to whom I explained what was happening. The husband heeded my cries and went to intervene only to find my sister lying on the floor unconscious. He immediately called for ER and my sister was rushed to the hospital. She had s fracture in her head which resulted to concussion. It took several weeks of therapy for her to recover, though partially. She still experiences nightmare and she is traumatized to date.

The following day, dad arrived and with the help of the good neighbor, my step-mum was sued. She was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison. How I hope that obesity didn’t take away our mum. Things could not have happened as they went.